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Depth Psychology

Approaches associated with “depth psychology” think of the human mind or soul (psyche) as having many levels, some of which we are immediately aware of (or are “conscious” of), some of which we are not wholly aware of (or are “unconscious” of). The unconscious factors of our experience are often at the root of our symptoms and problems. For example, people frequently experience themselves as conflicted, as being “at odds with themselves,” and try to avoid their conflicted feelings by ignoring, denying or repressing one side of the conflict. However, on a deeper level, the conflict remains under the surface or unconscious and so is not acknowledged or resolved. Central to forms of depth psychology – and one of the goals of my approach – is to help you to bring these unconscious conflicts to the surface, in a supportive and confidential setting, where they can be understood, talked through, and faced squarely.

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